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What is Sponge Candy?

Sponge Candy is a mouthwatering piece of candy with an inside that tastes somewhat like molasses and caramelized sugar. It's texture is very unusual in that it is crisp at first and then melts away in your mouth. And of course, don't forget the creamy blanket of milk chocolate or dark chocolate that covers that tasty inside. That's the short version, but there is a long version, too!

There's even more fun and useful stuff about Sponge Candy in our FAQs.

Time To Order Sponge Candy Valentines

Order Sponge Candy NOW for Valentine's Day

Now is the time to place your Sponge Candy order to have plenty of time for you or your Valentine to receive it by February 14th.

Don't put off ordering until the last minute because our peak shipping volumes and rough weather across the country can delay your Sponge Candy's arrival.

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Schedule a Valentine Delivery!

Schedule a Valentine delivery!

You can schedule delivery for your Sponge Candy closer to Valentine's Day with a simple request in the comments box on the order Check Out page. We will ship for arrival by Saturday, February 14th allowing an extra day for bad weather or other delay. USPS Priority Mail does not provide a specific delivery date, only an expected number of days in transit (not guaranteed). In any case, delivery by Valentine's Day is what we try to accomplish but due to many factors beyond our control, we do not promise delivery on Saturday, February 14th.

Made in WNY: Sponge Candy

December 19 Thursday
Click to go to Made in WNY: Sponge Candy.

Buffalo's BusinessFirst paid a visit to Ko-Ed Candies today! There's a video and transcript at the link Made in WNY: Sponge Candy.

More gift box sizes than ever!

There's a Sponge Candy gift box size for every purpose. Order NOW to get your Sponge Candy delivered right away or request a delayed ship date closer to your need. Holiday gift wrap (and other gift wrap choices) available at no extra charge.

A Sponge Candy gift box size for every purpose.

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Gift Card & Gift Wrapping FREE

Very often Sponge Candy is a gift, so when you order the shopping cart gives you a choice of gift wraps for every occasion. Also you can put any gift message in the order comments box and it'll be printed out on a card and attached to the gift box along with being printed on the packing slip. There's no additional charge for gift wrapping and gift message card services.

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New! Peanut Butter Sponge Candy!

Sponge candy, peanut butter and milk chocolate together! What could be better? We've been working hard at Ko-Ed Candies and now we've perfected it! We completely coat our sponge candy center with real peanut butter and then cover it with our delicious milk chocolate. You really have to try it to appreciate the creamy flavor and texture...

The feedback we've gotten from our sampling trials? :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

The elves are in full production so that this wonderful addition to our Sponge Candies will be available through the holidays. Make sure to order yours today!

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Ordered now, checked off your list now, delivered later!

Ordered now, delivered later...

Order now while you are thinking of it and delay delivery for when you need it. You can schedule delivery for your Sponge Candy on any Monday thru Friday date (also Saturday for Priority Mail) in the comments box on the order Check Out page. We will ship for arrival on the day before, leaving a day for weather or other unplanned delay.

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A Testimonial For Our Sponge Candy

Orange Chocolate Sponge Candy

new sign - croppedNew and delicious this season from - Orange Chocolate Sponge Candy. If you love Orange Chocolate, you'll love Orange Sponge Candy! It's the great taste of our Sponge Candy with just a hint of orange flavoring in the milk chocolate.

After selecting your box size and clicking 'Add to Cart', the 'Select Chocolate Preference' drop-down will give you all the chocolate covered Sponge Candy choices that can be packed in that size gift box. No one comes close to's gift box size selections or pack variety!

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Voted the best Sponge Candy in Buffalo!

Springtime Nonpareils

Buffalo Spree 2014 Best of WNY Winner for best Sponge Candy!!! About that last line, don't worry about our Sponge Candy going away or changing because we've found our perfect replacement to carry on the tradition.