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FAQs: Sponge Candy in General

Common beginning questions about Sponge Candy.

What is Sponge Candy?

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Sponge CandyEvery once in a while a customer in our store will ask, “What is Sponge Candy?” Our immediate response is always the question, “Where are you from?” We know without doubt that this person isn’t a Buffalonian.

Sponge Candy is one of those things that’s really hard to describe without actually experiencing it. The Sponge Candy center is a simply flavored piece, caramelized sugar, almost molasses-like with a very unusual, crisp at first, then melt-away texture. We then load this center with as much milk chocolate as it will carry. When you bite into a piece of our Sponge Candy, you experience not only the chocolate’s opposing properties of solid firmness giving away to melty smoothness, but you get the center’s crispness immediately dissolving with a very complimentary mixing of chocolate and caramelized flavors. We’ve never read a description of Sponge Candy that’s come close to the experience of actually eating it and we’re sure this description is no better.

There are links just below that will pretty much fill you in on Sponge Candy, short of actually taking a bite. Doesn’t matter if you’re from Buffalo, or maybe an expatriate or just curious about regional foods, there’s no excuse now not to know what Sponge Candy is.

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Is Sponge Candy known by any other names?

Judging by all the varied and different names, Sponge Candy has an identity crisis. Not so here in Buffalo where Sponge Candy is the common name in use. But you may know it by another name depending on where you’re from. Other names for Sponge Candy are:

    Sponge Toffee (Canada)
    Cinder Toffee (Great Brittan)
    Sea Foam (Oregon, California, Michigan)
    Honeycomb (Australia)
    Puff Candy (Scotland)
    Hokey Pokey (New Zealand)
    Fairy Food (Wisconsin, Chicago)
    Angel Food (Wisconsin)
    Cinder Block (???)
    Molasses Puffs (St. Louis)
    Gingerbread (New Hampshire)

There’s also the mass produced Violet Crumble Bar manufactured by Nestle and the Crunchie manufactured by Cadbury.

Keep in mind that styles or types of Sponge Candy do differ greatly by geography so it is indeed right and proper that many of these candies should be named something other than Sponge Candy.

Want to share your region’s name for Sponge Candy? Contact Us.

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Is Sponge Candy unique to Buffalo?

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SpongeCandy.com Sponge Candy is Buffalo good! - Buffalo good!

Sponge Candy is another one of those “Buffalo-centric” foods like chicken wings but without the international notoriety. We think of Sponge Candy much like inside information that comes from knowing Buffalo by actually living here as opposed to knowing Buffalo from a chicken wing, snow, or pro-sports stereotype.

It’s true that Sponge Candy is found in places other than Buffalo. Locally, you’ll routinely find it everywhere (even in the supermarket bulk bins) out as far as Rochester or Erie, but it pretty much disappears beyond there. For example, Syracuse or Albany, not a clue. Pittsburgh or Cleveland also have no idea what Sponge Candy is. There are a few isolated places around the country that make it and you might see names like Sponge Taffy, Cinderblock, Sea Foam, Molasses Puffs, Honeycomb or Fairy Food. Descriptive names, to be sure, but often not quite the same style as Buffalo’s Sponge Candy.

Sponge Candy Map - Buffalo good! In the end, there is no doubt. Sponge Candy has to be considered a Buffalo food. First off, Buffalo is nearly centered in the country’s only Sponge Candy Zone of Erie-Buffalo-Rochester. If that were an accident of geography then a search on Google for sponge candy will give quantitative proof (see footnote). If someone really enjoys research, a visit to the three cities would be in order. I’m confident sponge candy would be found in several times more retail locations in the Buffalo area than the other two cities.

(foot note) On August 25, 2006, a Google search on the terms sponge and candy listed the following retailers selling Sponge Candy in the first 100 hits: 2 Erie locations, 3 Rochester locations (including Batavia), 3 in the hinterlands (CA, IL, WI) and 11 in the Buffalo metro area.

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FAQs: Sponge Candy Ingredients & Nutrition Info

Very important questions concerning Sponge Candy ingredients, food allergens and nutrition information.

What is your MILK chocolate Sponge Candy made with?

Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, cocoa butter, milk, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin, sodium bicarbonate, gelatin and vanillin.

Contains: milk and soybeans. Made with equipment which is also used to make products containing milk, eggs, soy, tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts), peanuts & wheat.

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What is your DARK chocolate Sponge Candy made with?

Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, sodium bicarbonate, gelatin, milk & vanillin.

Contains: milk and soybeans. Made with equipment which is also used to make products containing milk, eggs, soy, tree nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, walnuts), peanuts & wheat.

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Do you have nutrition information for your Sponge Candy?

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We are a very small candy kitchen with only our one attached retail store and we do not wholesale our candy so we are exempt from the federal nutrition label requirement on our packaging. Nevertheless, sometimes that information can be useful. Keep in mind that our piece size and weight varies along with the center to coating ratio so think of this as an approximation:

Serving size: 2 pieces (35 gm, 1.25 oz.)

Servings per container: 13 (approximate for 1 pound box)

Calories: 180

Calories from fat: 80



Total Fat: 9g

    Saturated fat: 4g………14%

    Trans Fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 5mg……………2%

Sodium: 65mg……………….3%

Total Carb.: 24g……………..8%

    Dietary Fiber: 1g………..2%

    Sugars: 20g

Protein: 1g


Vitamin A………………………0%

Vitamin C………………………0%




*Percent Daily Values (DV)

are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


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Can I safely eat your Sponge Candy if I have a I have an allergic reaction to [name a major food allergen]?

In a word: NO.

There’s no way we can make a food allergen-free candy in our small candy kitchens as long as we are processing food allergen ingredients. Although we do try, we are we unable to reliably separate center preparation into allergen and non-allergen. Also, our enrober lines (machines that chocolate coat the centers) are shared for all centers and therefore contain food allergens. The only major food allergen that isn’t likely to pass through our candy kitchens is shellfish.

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I have a serious allergy to another food ingredient that’s not one of the major food allergens. Can you tell me if you make any products containing this specific ingredient?

Maybe, but not with a guaranteed certainty. While 90% of all food allergies are due to the 8 major food allergens, the other 10% of food allergies are due to more than 250 different food allergens. The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 has taken effect as of January 1, 2006 and every year since we’ve seen improved labeling of ingredients from our vendors. We review those ingredients declarations and revise our labeling. Still, if you have allergen ingredient concerns, please ask us for a specific response.

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FAQs: Keeping and Storing Sponge Candy

Common questions concerning keeping and storing Sponge Candy

How long does Sponge Candy keep?

Once we ship our Sponge Candy to you, we expect the shelf life to be weeks for sure, up to two months or so. We’ve had customers tell us of having a bag of Sponge Candy forgotten in the closet for six months, into summer, and it was fine. Maybe fine, because I’m sure we wouldn’t have thought so.

We have tested our storage for up to three months during Fall, Winter and Spring and we feel confident with that time period under our optimum storage conditions. Our Sponge Candy manufacturing is planned to be as close to the selling date as possible in order to give you as much of that three months as we can. But really, who can resist that long? 8-) Nevertheless, consider the optimum storage conditions for best results.

What are optimum storage conditions for increased shelf life?

There’s three environmental factors to control to give both the Sponge Candy center and the chocolate coating a longer time on the shelf while maintaining the highest possible quality:

  • Wicked Witch of the WestOdor free storage. The chocolate will pick up any odor around the Sponge Candy and even if it smells good to you, it will not taste good.
  • Normal room temperature. For most of us, that would be in the 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit range. Certainly, lower is not a problem, if for instance you keep a room very cool in the 55 to 60 degree range. Over 72 is not a good idea as warmer temperatures make chocolate more susceptible to absorbing odors.. You will see signs of melting at temperatures over 77 degrees Fahrenheit with our chocolate.
  • Low humidity. Even with a coating of chocolate and a polypropylene bag “protecting” the sponge center, relative humidity above 50% is to the sponge center much the same as a bucket of water was to the Wicked Witch of the West. 8-)
  • Should I keep my Sponge Candy in the refrigerator?
    No refrigerator!

    Please, NO. Even though some people like their chocolate cold and they are just fine with keeping their Sponge Candy in the refrigerator, it is not necessary for the rest of us. There are two very good reasons why you shouldn’t refrigerate Sponge Candy:

  • Refrigerators are chock full of food odors and chocolate will absorb those odors in a flash even through multiple wraps or bags. I guarantee that even a pleasant odor will not make the chocolate taste any better – quite the opposite, actually.
  • Warm moist room air will cause condensation on the surface of your cold chocolate. Not only will this degrade the appearance of the chocolate, it will also cause the sponge center to get gooey or melt.

  • Can I freeze Sponge Candy?

    We don’t recommend it but some customers have reported having great success doing so. There may be some small loss of quality but overall, it should be pretty much OK when you follow a few rules (if you really must do it): Best not to freeze

  • Make sure your storage containers (if you use them) are odor neutral. If you use a storage wrap or bag, give your Sponge Candy two tightly sealed separate wraps or bags.
  • Put your Sponge Candy up in what you figure to be single serving sizes.
  • Defrost your Sponge Candy by setting out and leaving it wrapped or with the freezer container closed until it is completely up to room temperature and any condensation has evaporated.
  • You definitely don’t want humidity condensing on the cold chocolate. It will make it unsightly, make the surface texture unappetizing and probably make the center gummy or even dissolve it. Also make sure your food containers aren’t carrying any food odors.

    One customer told us about how he likes to eat his Sponge Candy while it is still frozen. He tosses the bag of Sponge Candy into the freezer as is and pulls out a piece to eat whenever. While it’s generally accepted that chocolate is at it’s absolute best when warm (room temperature), to each his/her own.

    The bottom line is to freeze only if you must because even with the most care and best circumstances, there will be at least a little quality loss.

    FAQs: SpongeCandy.com Shipping Policies

    All the attention is paid to making the Sponge Candy and so little to the shipping process - unless somebody's Sponge Candy isn't where it's supposed to be when its supposed to be there and in the condition it's supposed to be in. And shipping Sponge Candy isn't cheap, either. We have suggestions here to help get the best out of the shipping process.

    When will my Sponge Candy arrive?

    Orders placed by 2pm ET catch our next package pick up soon after. But occasionally, stuff does happen here to delay order processing a day.

    Priority Mail Time-in-Transit

    likely delivery by February 14th Order cut-off for likely delivery by Valentine’s Day with USPS Priority Mail is Tuesday, February 11th at 2pm ET. Since there are really no guarantees in life, order earlier for possible bad weather or other unplanned delay.

    You can elect to have your Sponge Candy shipped USPS Priority Mail by selecting it in the Check-Out page’s Shipping -Choose a shipping method- drop-down.

    Time in transit for Priority Mail is mostly 2 days all around the country with 1 day service close in to Buffalo and 3 day service in more isolated areas. The timeliness is NOT guaranteed, especially when there’s inclement weather. You will see your expected delivery timeliness along with the shipping charge in the Check-Out page’s Shipping -Choose a shipping method- drop-down. Orders received by 2pm, Monday through Friday, are usually shipped the same day. Priority Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday.

    UPS Ground Time-in-Transit

    Order cut-off for likely delivery by Valentine’s Day with UPS Ground is the following list to go with the time-in-transit map below. Since there are really no guarantees in life, order earlier for possible bad weather or other unplanned delay.

      likely delivery by February 14th

    • Thursday, February 6, 2pm – gray
    • Friday, February 7, 2pm – orange
    • Monday, February 10, 2pm – reddish-brown
    • Tuesday, February 11, 2pm – green
    • Wednesday, February 12, 2pm – tan
    • Thursday, February 13, 2pm – yellow

    You can elect to have your Sponge Candy shipped UPS Ground by selecting it in the Check-Out page’s Shipping -Choose a shipping method- drop-down.

    Time in transit for UPS Ground is shown on the map below. The timeliness is NOT guaranteed, especially when there’s inclement weather. UPS Ground is delivered Monday through Friday. Orders placed by 2pm ET catch our next package pick up soon after and are likely delivered according to the map below.

    UPS shipping day JavaScript required. Check your expected delivery date by UPS Ground
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    UPS Ground zone 2 color JavaScript required.
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    UPS Ground zone 4 color JavaScript required.
    UPS Ground zone 5 color JavaScript required.
    UPS Ground zone 6 color JavaScript required.

    Shipping to APOs and FPOs

    Yes, we do ship to APOs and FPOs using USPS Priority Mail only. Just use the ‘City’ spot in the order for for APO or FPO and you will find the AE, AA or AP in the ‘State’ drop down list.

    Shipping to Alaska

    We ship a lot of Sponge Candy to Alaska. You likely already know USPS Priority Mail is usually the cheaper option, but there’s an order size where the cheaper carrier flips and UPS Ground becomes the significantly cheaper option. We do watch orders to Alaska to make sure the cart’s shipping quotes aren’t running wild. Since you’re ordering anyway, make sure to get some for the griz. ;-)

    Shipping to Hawaii and Puerto Rico

    Shipping chocolate into a tropical climate doesn’t thrill us at all but you want to do it and you understand that we can’t be responsible for melt-downs. That being said, we’ve done it a number of times and haven’t to our knowledge had a melt down (yet). We will only ship with USPS Priority Mail and we may also delay-schedule your shipment so it won’t spend a warm weekend en route. Good luck on enjoying Sponge Candy in paradise!

    FAQs: SpongeCandy.com Ordering Policies

    Ordering from SpongeCandy.com is fast, easy and secure.