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65th anniversary Ko-Ed Candies, South Buffalo NY

Welcome to our candy store & kitchens! Come on in to our bricks and mortar store in South Buffalo to get our Sponge Candy (and other candies, too) right from the source. And while you're here, if you see something you haven't tried before, don't be shy about asking for a sample. Roll down the page to see our map.

The 25% OFF ReOpening SALE

October 1-4 Wed - Sat

Wednesday, October 1st thru Friday, October 3rd, 9 am to 7pm.
Also Saturday, October 4th, 10 am to 5pm.
This sale is only in our retail store.

Ko-Ed Candies, South Buffalo NY

Candies we’ve made so far (milk chocolate only unless noted):

  • Sponge Candy (milk, dark and ***NEW*** ORANGE Chocolate Sponge Candy!!!)
  • Cinnamon Candy Apples
  • Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn
  • Pecan, Cashew & Macadamia Turtles
  • Almond Butter Crunch
  • Caramels
  • Pretzel Rods
  • Peppermint Patties (dark)
  • Chocolate Covered Oreos
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Nonpareils (milk & dark)
  • Disc Miniatures (milk & dark) & Bison Miniatures
  • Peanut, Raisin & Coconut Clusters & Patties
  • Black Raspberry Jellies
  • Marshmallow Squares
  • Cherry Cordials
  • Brazils, Cashews, Pecans, Walnuts
  • Halloween Miniatures & Suckers

Also we added some other new interesting candies besides the Orange Chocolate Sponge Candy. Come on in and see for yourself!

Now, how about this!

June 28 Saturday
Springtime Nonpareils

Buffalo Spree 2014 Best of WNY Winner for best Sponge Candy!!! About that last line, don't worry about our Sponge Candy going away or changing because we're working hard on that. We'll let you all know soon!

CLOSED for the Summer

May 17 Saturday

We are CLOSED for the season but we'll be back with a 25% off ReOpening SALE October 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Since Facebook isn't so reliable on notifications, please consider signing up for our email notifications.

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It’s the BIG SALE!

May 12 Monday

Factory Outlet Days! All our chocolates 40% to 60% off. Sponge candy, chocolate drizzled popcorn, clusters, and much more. Many candies are made fresh just for the sale because it has become such a big event over the years. Hurry in for the best selection because when it’s all gone, we close for the season. Starts Monday, May 12th until Friday, May 16th. Store hours: 9am to 7pm.

Keeping your chocolates* into the summer
      *bought at our BIG SALE

So you bought a stack of our chocolates and you've gifted everyone you can think of? If you intend to consume your chocolates in the next several weeks to a month, you need only to follow two simple rules for chocolate storage:

1. Keep away from all odors. Even good odors taste bad when absorbed by chocolate, so avoid them all. For example: mothballs, gasoline, perfume, cigarette smoke, cedar, spices, sachets, etc.

2. Normal room temperature is fine for short term storage. If you're hot, so are your chocolates. Keep your chocolates away from heat sources and sun light.

If you intend to squirrel away your chocolates in order to weather our four month down time, you'll want to consider some of the following tips:

The primary rule is odor free storage. Refrigerators usually don't qualify because of the many food odors. Plastic wraps or plastic containers will not totally exclude food odors and some plastic containers have embedded food odors. Beverage-only refrigerators that are odor free have been found to work very well. Freezers often work very well when the chocolates are double sealed to protect from freezer burn and condensation when defrosting.

Separate your chocolates into portions that you are likely to consume quickly. Warm summer temperatures can quickly cause rancidity in some of the confections and high relative humidity will collapse Sponge Candy centers.

Double wrap everything in an air-tight manner. If you use plastic containers, check them for residual food odors and consider wrapping the chocolates inside the the container..

Don't store your peppermint or orange chocolates with any other chocolates because the flavors will transfer.

When you remove your chocolates from the freezer or refrigerator, let them come to room temperature before opening the air tight wrappings or containers. You don't want the moisture in the air to condense on the cold chocolates and ruin their appeal.

The following candies freeze very well when following the above points: plain chocolate, creams, butter crunch, caramels, jellies, clusters, marshmallow, nuts and fruits.

Sponge Candy and chocolate drizzled popcorn are best consumed in the next few weeks to a month instead of freezing or refrigerating and follow the two simple rules for chocolate storage above. Some customers have reported having no issues with freezing these candies when paying strict attention to the tips above.


Sunday is Mother’s Day!

May 11 Sunday
Springtime Nonpareils

Sunday is Mother's Day! Our store hours are 10a to 7p Friday and Saturday, Sunday 10a to 3p...

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