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65th anniversary Ko-Ed Candies, South Buffalo NY

Welcome to our candy store & kitchens! Come on in to our bricks and mortar store in South Buffalo to get our Sponge Candy (and other candies, too) right from the source. And while you’re here, if you see something you haven’t tried before, don’t be shy about asking for a sample. Roll down the page to see our map.

Made in WNY: Sponge Candy

December 19 Thursday
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Buffalo's BusinessFirst paid a visit to Ko-Ed Candies today! There's a video and transcript at the link Made in WNY: Sponge Candy.


Since 1947, Ko-Ed Candies has been creating some of the finest Chocolate Confections the WNY area has to offer. It started with Ed Kolher & Theodora Edington, purchased by Charlie & Phyllis Whitt in 1969, and then purchased by Mr. Whitt’s son Gary and his wife Sandy in 1985. The three families have kept that fine tradition of superior Chocolate Confections that we’ve all come to love for over 67 years.

Since 1938, Platter’s Chocolates has had that same fine tradition of superior Chocolate Confections in the Tonawandas. Carl and his wife Vera made their recipes in the basement of their home and Mrs. Platter would actually go door to door in the neighborhood selling their famous ‘Orange Chocolates’. As business grew, Mr. & Mrs. Platter purchased the home next door, kept the basement, rented the upstairs and dug a tunnel under the driveway connecting both basements (during a time when people were allowed to do whatever it took) with production in one and the store in the other. The Platters have since retired and the business was purchased in 1971 by Roger & Robbie Urban. In 1977 Roger & Robbie moved Platter’s into a building of its own at 954 Oliver Street in North Tonawanda. Roger passed in 1993, however Robbie and the Urban children still own the business with three of the four siblings are in the building and working every day.

So why the history lesson? This year Gary and Sandy Whitt have decided to retire. The Chocolate community in WNY is small and friendly, and we’ve known the Whitts professionally for years. Gary tells us that Roger helped him out with a few things when he first purchased Ko-Ed as a young man in 1986. We have always admired the Whitt’s attention to detail and relationship with the South Buffalo community. It mirrored our values and relationship with our customers here ‘up North’. That being said, we were NOT looking for expansion; we were happy as things were. However, after meeting with the Whitt’s, we decided that if we were going to purchase Ko-Ed, the only way to “make it work, is to let it work”. In other words; DON’T CHANGE A THING!

Let us go on record that we purchased Ko-Ed because of who they are, the quality of their Chocolates, AND the South Buffalo community. You just don’t go into a neighborhood like South Buffalo and undo nearly 70 years worth of tradition. The neighborhood wouldn’t stand for it; that’s what makes you all so special. We’ve retained just about everything – from the recipes to the awesome staff. Even though our family has been in the business of making Chocolate for over 40 years, we respect that recipes and special practices vary so Gary & Sandy are delaying their ‘full’ retirement to hand hold us through the entire transition. This was an instrumental point from both sides during our negotiations.

What can you expect? We like to say that it’s not going to be “in lieu of” but “in addition to”. In other words, NO CHANGES to existing recipes that you know and love, however, we will offer additional indulgences & gifts for your enjoyment. For the upcoming holidays, we’re even going to bring back some of the Ko-Ed retired favorites such as Peanut Butter Smoothie, Chocolate Melt-A-Way Fudge, and the famous Cupie Doll!

Don’t worry South Buffalo; you’re in good hands and we can’t wait to meet you!


Voted the best Sponge Candy in Buffalo!

Springtime Nonpareils

Buffalo Spree 2014 Best of WNY Winner for best Sponge Candy!!! About that last line, don't worry about our Sponge Candy going away or changing because we've found our perfect replacement to carry on the tradition.

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